The aliens have landed!

Green Line 2, das Englisch-Lehrwerk für die 6. Klassen, schlägt nach Unit 4 den Task „Writing and recording a radio report” vor. Das Thema lautet: „The aliens have landed!“ Das passt auch in das Medienkonzept des ISGY, in dem dies in der 6. Klasse verankert ist. Wie setzt man so eine Aufgabe, die Teamwork verlangt, in Zeiten von Distanzunterricht um? Möglicherweise unkomplizierter als zuvor, da die Schülerinnen und Schüler sich mit digitalem Austausch auch in niedrigeren Klassenstufen inzwischen leichter tun. Die Klasse 6c hat sich daran gemacht und in fünf Gruppen je einen radio report verfasst und aufgenommen. Im Online-Unterricht, und damit ziemlich nah am Radio-Hören, konnten die Schüler dann ihre Endprodukte gegenseitig anhören. Zwei Skripte und ein paar Eindrücke, wie die Schüler die Arbeit empfunden haben, gibt es hier.


Felix: Good morning to all our listeners. Something special has happened! Martians landed in Greenwich Park! Let’s switch to our reporter Adrian.

Adrian: Hello Felix, I’m in Maximilian´s garden and from here you can see the Martians’ spaceships. I’ll hand the microphone to Maximilian. Please, tell us more.

Maximilian: Look over there! From my garden, you can still see the spaceships clearly in the air. There are around 10 spaceships. When I saw them for the first time this morning, they were directly above my house. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Adrian: Unbelievable! Thank you for the interview, Maximilian. As I see, the spaceships are flying in the direction of Greenwich Park. So I must hurry, and I’ll be right back for you!

Some minutes later.

Felix: Hello guys, now we’re back for you and there’s news from Greenwich Park! Adrian has a lot to report.

Adrian: Hello people, here I am again. I have now arrived in Greenwich Park. The Martians feel comfortable here and hardly pay any attention to us. They stormed the soccer field and I believe they are winning against the first FC Greenwich!!

Some time later.

Adrian: I’ve just arrived at the local sweet shop and now I can see what’s been going on here. I’ll pass directly to the owner of the shop, Lucas.

Lucas: I was surprised that they bought all my chocolate. That’s crazy! I have run out of chocolate. I can’t believe it!

Adrian: Thank you, Lucas. Now we are going to go to the hospital because the Martians, as I hear, had a sugar shock!

Some minutes later.

Adrian: We’re there! I’ll hand over to Prof. Eymen!

Eymen: The Martians really ate way too much chocolate! Martians can also get a toothache. That’s why they must lie down here for a few more hours and then we will have to see if they can use a toothbrush! Remember one thing, kids, never buy and eat so much chocolate!

Adrian: Oh yes, children! With these impressions, back to our studio.

Felix: Adrian, thank as a lot. Dear listeners, I hope you enjoyed our report. Stay with us!

(Eymen, Adrian, Maximilian, Felix, 6c)



Radio news presenter (Finn): Hello and good morning to all our listeners out there. This is Finn. We have just received news of something that has never happened before! Aliens have landed near Greenwich Park and bought the whole chocolate in the local sweet shop. We are going to hear from our reporter at the scene now! Were you able to find out more, Jahzara?

Reporter (Jahzara): Oh yes, of course. I’m here to talk to some eyewitnesses. How exciting! Here is our first eyewitness, Mr Radisa. Please, can you tell us what you were doing when the aliens came?

Eyewitness (Marko): Sure! I was working in my garden when I saw the aliens. Imagine! They wanted to land in my garden with their extremely big UFO. And they did! It was horrible! They had green skin and big eyes and big heads. I’ve never seen anything like it. The UFO was bigger than my house! Thank God I have a very large garden!

Reporter (Jahzara): Oh yes, we can be thankful for that! Also with me is Viktoria Loebel, the owner of the local sweet shop. Miss, can you please tell us what happened?

Eyewitness (Viki): Uh, yes … Hello, I’m Viktoria Loebel. The aliens suddenly came into my shop. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I always thought that aliens were fake. But they’re real! They aren’t scary or evil, no, these aliens were really nice. But they took the whole chocolate from my shop!

Reporter (Jahzara): Did they? Please tell me, Miss, how tall were the aliens?

Eyewitness (Viki): Er… I think about 1 metre.

Reporter (Jahzara): And how old do you think they were?

Eyewitness (Viki): I can’t really tell but I guess about 3 years old.

Reporter (Jahzara): All right. And could they talk normally or did they have their own language?

Eyewitness (Viki): They had their own language. I didn’t understand anything!

Reporter (Jahzara): Thank you for talking to us, Ms Loebel.

Radio news presenter (Finn): Our reporter also went to the local hospital. Let’s find out why …

Reporter (Jahzara): I’m now at the local hospital and we have the chance to talk to a doctor. What can you tell us about the aliens, Sir?

Eyewitness (Marko): Well, it was unbelievable. The aliens stormed our hospital. Do you know why? Because they ate too much chocolate! But they got well very fast! We’re a top hospital.

Reporter (Jahzara): Isn’t that amazing! As I hear, the aliens have left the town. Nobody really knows when, but they’re no longer here! What a pity! I would have asked them so many questions …. Well, with these impressions, back to our radio station!

Radio news presenter (Finn): Thanks so much, Jahzara! How dramatic! This was our report about the aliens who landed near Greenwich Park today. We hope you’ve enjoyed it! Now some music for you. Stay with us!

(Jahzara, Finn, Marko, Viktoria, 6c)



First, we had a look at the task. Then we chose the roles and wrote the texts on our own. Emma made the questions for the eyewitnesses. After that, we practised our texts and the whole radio report together. We recorded our radio report in a call on Teams, but we had to do many new attempts to record it well. We then sent the record to Ms Bruckmaier. Most of the things went well and we liked working together in a team because teamwork is more productive than working alone. We also enjoyed listening to the other groups’ radio reports. Every group had different ideas, so every radio report was different and special!

(Emma, Georg, Lukas, Maxime, 6c)


We typed our texts into a Word document and called each other on Teams to do the recording. When we worked in our group, we had fun, but it was hard, too, because when someone made a mistake, we had to start all over again and that was really annoying. The project was not easy because it took a lot of time. But although we made many mistakes, it was very cool to work together.

(Jessica, Nilda, Valeska, Batoul, 6c)


One of our members had technical problems and we tried to fix them but it didn’t work, so one of us had to speak two roles. At first, we couldn’t agree on who would speak which role, but then we found a solution which was fine for everyone. When we recorded our report, we were always laughing, so we needed a lot of attempts to make the perfect report. Then we noticed that our report was too short! And so we had to write a few more lines and record the text again. In the end, we were really proud of our report!

(Paul, Marko R., Lynn, Dorothea, Zoe, 6c)



Klasse 6c und Frau Dr. Bruckmaier (Texte gekürzt und bearbeitet)